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    Publié août 16, 2023

    Prins Henrik French School is a Danish independent school operating under Danish law (fri grundskole og gymnasium) and approved by the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE). It has been running in Copenhagen since 1954 where it is at the core of the friendship and cooperation between France and Denmark.  

    Our school is committed to the values and principles that guide our institution. Being an independent school, we have a clear internal regulation in accordance with these core values and principles. These are conducted in order to guarantee the respect of every pupil and staff member.

    Our approved French school is a reflection of the dedication to secularism and freedom of expression, which are central pillars of the French educational system, and also principles of our school in Copenhagen. The approval by the Agency for French Education Abroad attests to our commitment to uphold these principles.

    We warmly welcome students from all backgrounds and beliefs, in line with our mission to promote inclusive and open education. Our internal regulations, that are clearly communicated to all students, parents and staff members, require students to refrain from wearing conspicuous religious symbols such as veils, kippahs, and large crosses. This approach aims to create a neutral learning environment that encourages exchange and focus between pupils.

    Our school values and principles guide us in our pursuit of a balanced and respectful education for every individual. We remain committed to open dialogue with parents and the educational community to ensure a positive and inclusive learning atmosphere.

    August 16th 2023