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    BCD and CDI

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    The school’s two libraries, BCD for primaire and CDI for collège and lycée, both offer information and a cozy place to hang out. A space where students can seek out information, improve their research skills, and where they can find a comfortable and calm environment for reading. 


    CDI (Centre de Documentation et d’Information) is a space for students and teachers alike, and is used for information, for reading, and for learning. It is a work – and relaxation – room, which is both calm and comfortable.  


    CDI is open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm and offers a broad spectrum of reading material for the students: Young adult fiction, cartoons, non-fiction books, curriculum materials, novels in Danish, English, German, or Spanish, news articles, both general and specific, orientation resources, internet access and guidance. 


    Graphic novels/cartoons
    Subject books

    CDI sometimes invites whole classes and introduces them to different books, media, or gives them a brief lesson on researching information. 

    See our catalog on CDI’s website:


    By typing in your Pronote code in the blank field, “My account,” you can view your latest loans, reserve material, or access the following links online:


    Educ’ARTE – Encyclopédie Universalis Junior – Encyclopédie Universalis Éducation – GPO3 : Guide pour l’orientation – Onisep : ressources sur l’orientation


    Contact us at: / +45 27 85 10 28

    Here are some examples of courses given at CDI:

    “Finding your way around CDI” for sixth graders:  

    The course runs every other week with half a class at a time. Students have fun learning what the CDI has to offer, figuring out where things are and finding information, whilst also developing their reading skills!

    Le Prix des Incorruptible” (the Incorruptible Prize)

    Students in fifth and sixth grade participate every year in the “Le Prix des Incorruptible” (the Incorruptible Prize). As members of the jury of this special literary prize, they all vote for their favorite book in May. 

    To read about the titles selected by the fifth and sixth graders and for more information on the prize, see CDI’s website: Le Prix des Incorruptibles CM2-6e

    Fifth Grade Reading Challenge

    Students in fifth grade participate in a “The others: family, friends, network” themed reading challenge. To see the titles included in the reading challenge, see CDI’s website: Défi lecture 5e

    Primaire has two libraries, one for maternelle and one for élémentaire.

    BCD is open for students in maternelle up to fifth grade, and has more than 5,000 titles to choose from in French, Danish, and English, including novels, stories, cartoons, booklets, and non-fiction titles. The school library also has a subscription to both French and English magazines. 

    The School Library


    • Is open to students. 
    • Loans out books to students and staff.
    • Enables students to do research on special subjects. 
    • Organizes meetings / workshops with authors and illustrators
    • Organizes the Prix des Incorruptibles”


    During school hours, the different grades are allotted a specific timeslot at the library, for half a class at a time. 


    The BDC offers different presentations: readings of illustrated books, introductions to novels, research projects, an overview of different newspapers, preparation for reading week. 

    Students from second to fifth grade can turn in their books or borrow new ones on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11am to 11:30am. 

    You can access our catalogue on the BCD website with your child’s library code.

    If you have any questions, please contact the BDC at: