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    Enrollment procedures and financial support


    As part of the AEFE (Agence de l’Enseignement Français à l’étranger), Prins Henrik School’s main objectives are:   


    • To offer instruction to French children residing in Denmark, as well as children coming from other schools within the AEFE-network.  
    • To offer instruction to Danish children whose families have made a conscious decision to send their children to a school within the French network, such as Prins Henrik School. 
    • To offer instruction to children with a nationality other than French and Danish.


    Sending a child who is not a French native speaker to a French school is a decision that will require a collective effort from the whole family, and parents need to be prepared to actively engage in their child’s schooling and support their learning of the French language. 


    Children who are new to the French school system must pass a French level test. 



    Admission criteria for maternelle

    Terms and conditions for enrolling your child in maternelle: the child must turn three by December 31st of the same year they are enrolled. They also need to be toilet-trained (no longer needing diapers). 


    Admission criteria for élémentaire, collège, and lycée 

    Students coming from other school systems must take a French level test. This enables the school to assess their French language abilities and find a class suitable to their level.

    The registration form (forms can be downloaded from the school’s homepage/ Registration) needs to be completed and the required documents attached. As soon as your application is processed, you will receive an email. A registration fee must be paid via PayPal (see link under enrollment procedure) before your application can be processed. If an application is successful, then enrollment is confirmed as soon as the enrollment fee is paid (the deadline is ten days in order to confirm a child’s spot). By enrolling a child at LFPH, parents acknowledge the payment terms and conditions. 


    Payment terms and conditions 2023-2024 (eng)

    Families with newly enrolled children are invited to a meeting at the school. This is held every year in August, shortly before the start of the school year.  


    Maternelle – families residing in Denmark

    Once you have enrolled your child in maternelle at Prins Henrik School, it is very important to officially withdraw your child from their previous institution.

    Please contact the office assigning daycare in the municipality concerned. As the withdrawal procedure can vary from one municipality to the next, please follow the guidelines relevant to your own municipality, before the child starts maternelle. 

    If you don’t register the withdrawal from the previous institution in time, Prins Henrik School will not be allocated any municipal subsidies for the child until the withdrawal notice period from the other institution has passed.


    Families Newly Arrived to Denmark

    Anyone who lives in Denmark needs a CPR number. It is one of the first things newcomers must apply for. 

    Read more under “Moving to Denmark.”

    As soon as your child is allotted a CPR number, please inform the school’s secretary in order to complete their enrollment (

    If the CPR number is not received by September 5th (at the latest), the school won’t be able to apply for a subsidy for your child. In that case, students from first grade to seconde will be billed the full amount (no subsidy deduction) for the rest of the school year. 

    Diplomat families need to register their administrative CPR number at the school, along with the mother’s date of birth at:, before September 5th.  

    Please report any changes of address or contact details via our online personal information form.

    Before completing your registration request, please read the Payment terms and conditions for the 2023-2024 school year.

    Payment terms and conditions for the school year 2023-2024



    The LFPH registration procedure takes place in 3 steps:


    1. Application for registration


    • Payment of administration fees (750 Dkk) online. If you have any problems making this payment, please contact us at

    At the end of this first step, you will receive by email a confirmation of the registration request.



    2. Processing of the registration request

    • You will be able to follow the progress of the processing of your request on your Skolengo space.
    • If your file is complete and your child has attended school in the French system (in France or in the AEFE network), your registration request will be processed upon receipt.
    • For registration in elementary school / middle school / high school, and if your child comes from another education system, you will be offered a date for an entrance test to assess your child’s ability to join our establishment.
    • If the number of registration requests is greater than the number of places available, you will be offered to place your child on the waiting list.


    3. Validation of registration

    If you have received an offer of a place, you have 10 days to pay the 1st registration fee, the advance and the deposit to confirm your acceptance of this offer. In the absence of confirmation, registration will be canceled and the place offered to another student.

    Please note, confirmation of your acceptance commits you to respect the unsubscription procedure if you wish to withdraw.



    • In order to benefit from the subsidized rate for classes from CP to 2nde, the student must be registered and have a CPR number before September 5 of the year of registration.
    • The entrance tests are intended to assess your child’s ability to follow the lessons given at the LFPH in French and according to the programs of the French Ministry of National Education.
    • For any questions relating to registrations, you can send an email to

    Payment Terms and Conditions 2023-24 


    The fees listed below are invoiced on a monthly basis from August to June.


    All amounts are shown in Danish kroner (DKK) and are per child.
    Registration application fee 750,00 DKK upon registration
    Enrollment fee 2.750,00 DKK upon enrollment
    Deposit due before the start of school 1.500,00 DKK upon enrollment
    Advance payment of School Fees 3.000,00 DKK upon enrollment


    Subsidized fees  Monthly
    (11 mois)
    Maternelle – 1 and 2 (Small and medium section)
    (the fee includes daycare / SFO)
    2.960,00 DKK 32.560,00 DKK
    Maternelle 3 (big section) (the fee includes daycare / SFO) 3.740,00 DKK 41.140,00 DKK
    Elémentaire (CP to CM2 / from first to fifth grade) 2.610,00 DKK 28.710,00 DKK
    Collège (6ème to 3ème / from six to ninth grade) 3.010,00 DKK 33.110,00 DKK
    Seconde 3.160,00 DKK 34.760,00 DKK
    Première (2g.) and Terminale (3g.) not DFB (Danish-French baccalauréat) 4.000,00 DKK 44.000,00 DKK
    Première (2g.) / Terminale (3g.) DFB (Danish-French baccalauréat) 3.160,00 DKK 34.760,00 DKK
    English elective PARLE (5ème to 3ème / seventh to ninth grade) 345,00 DKK 3.795,00 DKK
    English Certificate IELTS (2nde  – Terminale) 455,00** DKK 2.275,00 DKK
    The fees listed below are without subsidies
    and are for students without a CPR number registered before the 5
    th of September or in the case where a student enrolls after the start of the school year. 
    Monthly Anually
    Elémentaire (CP à CM2) 7.200,00 DKK 79.200,00 DKK
    Collège (6ème à 3ème) 7.600,00 DKK 83.600,00 DKK
    Seconde 7.750,00 DKK 85.250,00 DKK
    Discount offered for families with multiple enrollments

    If a family enrolls three or more children at the school they receive a 10% discount off each child’s monthly tuition fee for all levels (does not apply to SFO fees).



    Fee for the use of text books Annually
    Primaire Included in the tuition fee
    Collège 450,00 DKK
    Lycée 950,00 DKK
    Examination Fees
    French final qualifying exam (in Terminale / 3.g) 1.700,00 DKK
    French final exam (in Première / 2g.) 1.700,00 DKK
    9th grade exam (“Brevet”) 430,00 DKK
    Danish final qualifying exam (Studentereksamen): Additional fees for a Danish student cap and for riding in a student truck:
    DAYCARE / SFO (out of school hours) COSTS
    Daycare / SFO – maternelle (included in tuition fee)
    Daycare / SFO – élémentaire 1st to 5th grade 1.330,00 DKK/mois 14.630,00 DKK/an
    Daycare / SFO/ Klub – per half day, when school is in session or per day during school breaks 250,00 DKK per day
    Canteen tickets

    480,00 DKK per booklet of ten tickets

    For the entire school year (1.320 DKK billed every second month)

    6.600,00 DKK

    Monthly subscription 43,00 DKK / meal The price varies according to the number of days the canteen is open each month. 
    Fee per invoice when paying manually and not through PBS (Danish direct debit) 100,00 DKK
    Fee for paying manually, quarterly or annually – per invoice and per family 100,00 DKK – with a maximum of 1.000,00 DKK


    Annual Plan

    To sign your child up for the canteen meal plan for the entire school year, please complete and send the form before August 15th : Annual plan

    The price per meal is on average 43 DKK for students (and for staff). The total price annually is 6,600 DKK, which is billed in amounts of 1,320 DKK every other month. 


    You can only opt-out of the meal plan once a year by sending an email to: before December 15th, with effect from January 1st. 


    The canteen meal plan does not automatically renew for the following school year. If you would like your child to continue their regular meal plan, please presubscribe by email. 


    Please note, students whose tuition is subsidized by the French state are not automatically subscribed to a canteen meal plan. For children to receive a meal plan, parents need to sign them up.



    Monthly Subscription

    To sign your child up for a meal plan on a month by month basis, please complete and send in this form between the 1st and 15th of the previous month (for example between September 1st and September 15th to sign up for October).

    It costs 43 DKK per meal. The amount due will appear on the form and will vary, depending on the number of days the canteen is open that month. The amount for the month requested will be billed together with that month’s tuition fee. This meal plan is not automatically renewed.


    For those families whose meal plan is subsidized, please note that the subsidy only covers annual meal plans. If you sign up for the month by month plan, the full amount will be billed, without possibility of factoring in any eventual subsidies.



    Canteen Tickets

    Booklets with 10 canteen tickets can be purchased for 480 DKK (48 DKK / meal) from the accounting office. Either cash or MobilePay is accepted.

    Visitors are allowed to access the canteen on an occasional basis and the price per meal is 100 DKK.

    To sign your child up for an SFO (1st to 3rd grade) or Klub (4th to 5th grade), please send an email to:

    If you would like to withdraw your child from daycare / SFO / Klub, please complete this form. 



    After-School Programs (SFO / KLUB)

    When a child is signed up for Prins Henrik School’s after-school program (students in fourth and fifth), the school can apply for operating subsidies from the municipality where the child is registered. If your child decides to switch to another club, please remember to confirm their withdrawal from the school’s club within the period described in the school’s cancellation policy. See more information about cancellations in payment terms and conditions.



    Cancellations of meal plans is only available once a year, by sending an email to: before December 15th, in effect from January 1st. 

    SFO / Club

    If you would like to withdraw your child from daycare / an after-school program (SFO / Club), please complete this form. 

    The School

    If you would like to withdraw your child from the school, please complete one of the forms below that correctly corresponds to your child’s level:

    Primaire (maternelle and élémentaire):  Formular primaire

    Collège and Lycée: Formular secondaire



    When a student leaves the school, a full deposit is returned, minus any debts incurred for books not returned or destroyed. Students finishing collège and lycée will need to pick up a document in CDI, which will need to be completed by the parents and signed by the director of CDI. The document must be delivered personally to the accounting office. For the younger students in primaire, the accounting office will contact the parents directly regarding the return of their deposit.  


    If you haven’t received your deposit one month (at the latest) after your child has left the school, please send an email to: In the case where a deposit is never requested, the amount will automatically transfer to the school after a year.


    Certificat de scolarité

    For families requiring a “certificat de scolarité,” please contact the secretary at: Please note, this can only be issued once all of the terms and conditions for cancellations have been met and any eventual debts paid to the school. 


    See below: (Extract from payment terms and conditions 2023-24 – 5.2 Final departure from school).

    If a student terminates their enrollment in the middle of the school year, the student must notify the school by submitting the correct form on our website (Menu item: Enrollment, sub-item: Cancellations) one month in advance of departure counting from the first day of the month after the withdrawal notice (the current month plus one month ahead). School fees must be covered throughout the withdrawal period, regardless whether the child is present or not. 

    If a student terminates their enrollment at the end of the school year, the student must notify the school by submitting a withdrawal form on our website (menu item: Enrollment, sub-item: Cancellations), by May 31st of the current school year at the latest, out of consideration for the school’s daily operations. If the form is received after the deadline, the family will be sent an invoice for the school fees for the first month of the following school year at the rate applicable to the student’s next grade level. Official documents required in connection with a student’s departure, along with the deposit, are issued after payment of all amounts owed.

    Please note, any notifications shared with our staff (teachers, Vie Scolaire, etc.) regarding your child’s upcoming school year does not count as an official withdrawal. Parents must notify the school about the decision via the form on our website in order for the decision to be valid (menu item: Enrollment, sub-item: Cancellations). 


    Financial support

    Students who are French nationals can apply for financial support from the French State. If this applies to you, please see the consulate website for more information.


    The school has no direct involvement with requests for French subsidies. The consulate handles the allocation and calculation of subsidies. They send the school a list of applicants who have been approved for a subsidy, along with the amounts allocated to individual students. The amount is divided over the school year and each individual’s tuition reduced according to the list received from the Consulate (divided by ten months for those listed by August 10th, subsequent lists divided by the remaining number of months).


    If the school receives notice of any changes from the consulate over the school year, these amounts will be accounted for by the school’s billing system. 

    Students who are not French nationals can apply for the school’s subsidy (Bourse LFPH).


    If parents who applied in April / May are granted a school subsidy, it will come into effect the following school year, starting from September, and will be accounted for in the August invoice.


    Those families who don’t manage to apply by the April / May deadline (newly arrived families or those impacted by major life shifts between April / May and September) are allowed to apply in September / October. All subsidies granted thereafter will be divided by the remaining months of the school year and deducted, from the time the school has notified the family.


    For more information about the subsidy, please see: Information

    Download the next application here.


    NB! – Completed applications (including all documents) for the School Year 2023-24 must be handed in to the school’s accounting  office, or scanned and sent to by Monday, the 26th of September 2023.

    If you have any questions, please write to:


    Financial Support from the Danish State (Fripladstilskud)


    Any student in first grade to seconde can apply for a subsidy to help cover part of their school fees and after-school programs (SFO). The subsidy takes into account the family’s size, along with the household income. Please note that subsidies usually aren’t allocated to households with an income of more than 367,558 DKK per year. Subsidies are calculated and allocated once a year.

    The application must be hand-delivered to the accounting office before September 1st 2023. Please download the application form here. 

    Applications received by the due date are forwarded to Eunomia (the Secretariat of Allocation’s digital processing system). Around December the school receives notification of which students will receive a subsidy. The allocation process and all calculations are handled entirely by Eunomia. 


    The allocated amounts are divided into equal sums and deducted from the school fees for the remaining months of the school year.


    It is crucial that the documents are completed and signed by all parties involved.


    If a student receives a subsidy from the Danish state, it is important to know that the amount follows the student in question. Meaning that the amount is deducted the tuition fee regardless who is applying for the grant and who is paying the invoice from the school.



    Financial Support from the Danish state for students in 1ère / 2.g and Terminale / 3.g


    NB! Subsidies follow the calendar year and not the school year calendar.

    Students in 1ère and Terminale who attend DFB can apply for financial support available from Fripladskassen (the Secretariat of Allocation). The application must be completed and handed in, along with information about the primary and secondary earner’s income and a copy of their latest tax return.
    The Spring 2024 application form is available here.

    Application deadline: February 1


    IMPORTANT: Please hand in the completed application (including tax documents) to the accounting office or scan and send it to:

    The school applies for a subsidy from Fripladskassen based on the number of students enrolled as of January 1st. Once Fripladskassen has finished its calculations, the money is sent to the school in the spring, where the funds are then distributed to the eligible students.

    The amounts allocated are divided into equal sums corresponding to the number of months remaining in the calendar year and the months billed by the school. The monthly sums are then divided by the number of applicants. If a student is still attending the school in the fall of that same calendar year, then that student will be allocated funds until December 31st.

    In general, the Danish state does not allocate grants for school fees to students who receive financial support from France.



    Financial Support from the Danish state for students in 1ère / 2.g and Terminale / 3.g


    Students who turn 18 before January 1st can apply for a subsidy from Fripladskassen. There is no application form, but the student has to send an email to: with a request for consideration. 

    Students can apply once a year and the email must reach the accounting office by February 1st at the latest.


    IMPORTANT: The allocation of the subsidy depends on whether a student already receives money from SU (the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme). Please specify the amount you receive from SU.

    The school applies to the subsidy for funds based on the information received from SU, in addition to the student’s application. Once Fripladskassen has finished its calculations, they send the funds to the school in the spring, where the school then divides the money among the eligible applicants.

    If a student is still attending the school in the fall of that same calendar year, then that student is allocated the monthly funds until the 31st of December.

    In general, the Danish state does not allocate grants for school fees to students who receive financial support from France.

    Students over 18 can apply for the SU grant here :  


    Financial support is calculated according to a distribution key and the information provided in the application sent to SU (the State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme).


    Grants or loans are not handled by the school accounting office. All enquires must be sent directly to SU. 


    A student who applies for the SU grant needs to notify the secretary in charge of enrollment at:, that he/she is going to apply for the grant. Before applying, the student needs a confirmation of their enrollment at the school.  

    Financial Support from the municipality (øko.friplads)

    Subsidies for maternelle (PS, MS, and GS, if the child is born after October 1st).

    NB! Children in GS born before October 1st will no longer receive subsidies from the municipality (such as financial support or sibling allowance). Unfortunately, the Ministry does not have similar subsidies that can be applied for.


    If you would like to apply for a subsidy, you have to contact the municipality of the child’s registered address. The school has no direct involvement in the application process, therefore all questions should be directed to the municipality and not the school.


    If the request for a subsidy is approved by the municipality, the school will receive the funds on a monthly basis, which will then be deducted from the tuition fee. 
    Please note that the subsidy does not cover the full tuition fee.


    If the municipality registers the wrong amount by mistake, the municipality will contact the family directly regarding a reimbursement. Reimbursements are NOT processed by the school. 


    Sibling Allowance (søskendetilskud)

    Sibling allowances are available for those who have more than one child in maternelle (PS, MS, and GS, if the child is born after October 1st), nursery, daycare / after-school programs (SFO) or private daycare.

    Guidelines are available from your registered municipality. Questions should be directed to your municipality and not the school. 

    If you fulfill the municipality’s requirements for a sibling allowance, the school will receive the money on a monthly basis, which will then be deducted from the tuition fee. 

    Please note: the oldest child in a family usually receives the subsidy. If the oldest child is at another institution in the municipality, and the youngest child is with us, then the sibling allowance is deducted from the other institution’s fees, not ours. 

    If the municipality registers the wrong amount by mistake, the municipality will contact the family directly regarding a reimbursement. Reimbursements are NOT processed by the school. 


    The school’s Family Fund offers financial aid to families in need for field trips, school camps, and other school-related engagements. 


    Students in élémentaire – grades 1-5: Enquiries should be directed to the class teacher, who can provide the necessary paperwork. Once the forms have been completed, please hand them back to the same teacher.  

    Students in secondaire – grades 6 to 3.g:
    Requests for funding should be emailed to: Please cc the teacher responsible for the trip. 


    The fund may request the following:

    • A justification for the application, presenting the family’s financial situation. 
    • Tax documents from both parents. 
    • Documentation of a child’s subsidy, if they receive support. This is available upon request from the bookkeeper at:
    • Description of the school camp or field trip, including fees and possible expenses. 
    • Information about the composition of the family and the number of children who will participate in camps/trips throughout the year. 

    Compensation for Transportation

    Students in élémentaire and collège

    Based on the number of students enrolled by September 5th, every year the school applies for a grant to cover transportation expenses from Fordelingssekretariatet (the Secretariat of Allocation).  

    The amount received from Fordelingssekretariatet is determined both by the National Budget and the number of schools applying for grants to cover transportation.

    Students in first to ninth grade, who take the bus or train to school on a daily basis, are responsible for buying a valid ticket or travel card for the entire school year. Applications for funds to compensate transportation costs are accepted once a year between April and May. This counts for students with more than 12 km between the school and their residence, based on the shortest route. 


    Requests to the school for funds to cover transportation are handled by the accounting office, upon receipt of a completed application. 


    We would like to point out that the amount received from Fordelingssekretariatet is very limited, and there is no guarantee that your transportation costs will be covered 100%. If we receive a completed application, any compensation will be disbursed to the account specified on the application, which should be handed in before summer vacation. 


    Application for the 2023-24 School Year, available here from spring 2024.

    Please remember to attach receipts of all travels between September and June. Unaccounted for expenses will not be considered for compensation. 





    Printed Travel Card with Season Pass (periodekort):

    • Copy of the student’s travel card with student’s name, picture and travel card number. 
    • Original paperwork or clearly legible copy of all passes with legible season pass number, period, zones, and cost. 


    Smart phone Travel Card with Season Pass (mobil periodekort):

    • Documentation with the student’s name and Season Pass travel card number. 
    • Printed screen shot of all Season Pass travel cards with clearly legible card number, periods, zones, and cost.


    Travel Card (Rejsekort):

    • Documentation with the student’s name and travel card number
    • Receipts of all journeys between the school and home.
    • Please remember that there is no compensation for non-school related travel (especially trips to friends’ houses, to hobbies, and so on).



    For Lycée Students

    The Youth Travel Card allows students from ages 16 to 19 to travel at a reduced price between their residence and the school. In addition, the Youth Travel Card gives them a discount on travel around Denmark.  

    To apply for a Youth Travel Card, please follow the steps outlined at: Be sure to check the terms and conditions (also provided in English). 


    Other forms

    To update your personal information, please complete this form


    Click here for third-party payments.