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    SFO and Daycare

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    For maternelle

    Daycare for maternelle: +45 33 55 00 77

    Daycare for maternelle is located in maternelle at Prins Henrik School, Rolighedsvej 39, 1958 Frederiksberg C.

    Daycare offers activities for students in maternelle before and after school. 

    The children in maternelle are welcomed by our assistants before school starts. After school and during the school breaks, our staff offer a wide assortment of activities for the children: music, sensory activities, playtime and sports, cooking and craft workshops. 

    The daycare team make sure the youngest ones get the nap they need.

    Read the booklet about Daycare Maternelle here (in French)

    Singing and nursery rhymes in the afternoon.

    For élémentaire

    SFO-KLUB : 33 55 00 79

    After-school program (SFO-KLUB): +45 33 55 00 79

    After-school program (SFO-KLUB) is a daycare located on the Prins Henrik School campus. It offers activities for children from first to fifth grade after school. 

    SFO-KLUB welcomes students from first to fifth grade before and after school and during school breaks. 

    The SFO-KLUB team offers different activities, activity modules, and off-campus trips for students in first to fifth grade. 

    • Module creative activities

    Drawing, crafts, woodworking, music, and cooking

    • Module: physical activities and sport

    Football, hockey, basket, handball, judo, frisbee, ping-pong

    • Module: projects

    Art, drama, film, science, radio

    • Module:  Excursions and day trips
      May be offered every week
    Winter Activities at SFO / KLUB

    To sign your child up for SFO (for first to third grade) or Klub (for fourth to fifth grade), please send an email to:

    Opening Hours

    When school is in session, both the daycare and the SFO KLUB are open and available from 7:20 am before school starts. At the end of the school day, the SFO team look after the children until 5pm.

    During school breaks, the daycare and SFO-KLUB are open from 7:20 am to 5pm.

    Outdoor life

    There are regular activities and field trips planned for the kids. Every year the SFO also offers a five-day summer camp in July for children in second to fifth grade. SFO-KLUB is closed for six weeks a year. Opening and closing periods are listed on the school calendar for 2023-24.

    Cancellation of SFO/KLUB

    Cancellation requires a full calendar month’s advance notice, which means payment must be received for both the month when the notice was given and for the month following.