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    Posted May 17, 2023

    Just before Women’s Day on March 8, students at Prins Henrik School connected to the celebration with all sorts of interdisciplinary projects. The 6th graders questioned the different status of boys and girls in society, 5th grader PARLE (English) students researched stereotypes of women and found examples of inspiring women, seconde students focused on objects that were significant in the history of women’s emancipation. In their English classes, seconde (2) students highlighted women scientists and how they have been overlooked. Seconde students in German presented famous German women by devoting an original portrait gallery to them, and the 8th graders made portraits of black American women who had an influence on history. Everything was displayed in a beautiful exhibition in the ”passerelle.”

    6th grade:

    Seconde EMC:

    Seconde German students:

    Women’s day