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    School Profile

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    Prins Henrik School is a Danish private school, with students ranging from ages 2 years and 10 months to 18, who are both French and Danish, along with many other nationalities.

    The School is a part of the AEFE-network (French schools abroad), which follows the French curriculum and prepares students for the French and Danish national exams.


    The French School, Prins Henrik School, was first established in 1954 as a little school for the children of Embassy staff. In 1963 the school set up a board with both Danish and French parents and, in 1967, became an independent private school under Danish free school legislation. The first 6th grade class started in 1969. At the time, the school only had 110 students, but three years later the school had grown to 230, and the campus was moved to Frederiksberg Allé 16. In 1973 the first eight students in 3.g sat for their final qualifying exams in Strasbourg, and in 1977 the first final exams were held in Copenhagen. In commemoration of the school’s 25th anniversary in 1979, the school was renamed “Lycée Français de Copenhague” and ten years later His Royal Highness Prince Henrik consented to have the school named after him. Between 1992 and 2023, the Prins Henrik School was based at number 22 on Frederiksberg Allé, and from 2015 the maternelle was located at number 47 on H.C. Ørstedsvej.
    From November 2023, the school will be based in the new buildings at Rolighedsvej 39.

    The French school, Prins Henrik School, is sometimes confused with the other French school, the Jeanne d’Arc School, which was run by the St. Joseph Sisters of Denmark. It was bombed on March 21st, 1945 during Operation Carthage, an air raid led by the British Air Force aimed at the Gestapo headquarters in the city center. There is a memorial at Frederiksberg Allé 76, where it was located, but there is no connection between our school and the French school that was bombed.

    Who was Prince Henrik?

    His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark was married to Her Royal Highness Queen Margrethe of Denmark. Henri de Laborde de Monpezat was born in Talence, France on June 11th, 1934, and died at Fredensborg Castle on February 13th, 2018.

    Prince Henrik spent the first five years of his life in Vietnam, which at the time was a part of French Indochina. When he came back to France with his family, he went to school in Bordeaux and later in Cahors, before returning to Indochina, where he passed his final qualifying exams. Prince Henrik subsequently began studying law and political science at the Sorbonne in Paris and later Chinese and Vietnamese at the Ecole Nationale des Langues Orientales, before he began his career in the Foreign Service in London.

    ​​Painting, sculpture, literature, music: art played an important role in the Prince’s life, and he was a talented chef with a keen interest in wine. He was the official patron of more than 70 organizations and clubs, including the Danish Red Cross and Prins Henrik School.

    Prince Henrik on a visit to maternelle.
    School development project

    The aim of the School Development Project is the implementation and follow-up of the school’s teaching goals over a period of three years. It is a collaborative effort between the entire teaching staff, which demonstrates cohesion and the principal elements of both the desired goals as well as subsequent goals. The school development project is evaluated on a yearly basis.

    Read more about the School Development Project: 2021-2024

    Link to the project evaluation for Copenhagen – in French


    Welcome to Our School

    It is with immense pride and a deep sense of responsibility that I open this new chapter for our school as principal of the international Lycée Français Prins Henrik (LFPH). It is my pleasure to greet you virtually from our school’s online platform.

    I am not the only new member of our school’s dynamic team. We are also pleased to welcome Véronique LEGUAY, the new director of Primaire, who will be by my side at the helm of our school. Her pedagogical expertise and engagement in our student’s education is essential.


    At Prins Henrik School we focus on academic excellence, innovation, and the well-being of our students. The website provides an overview of our education, including information about our different programs, our highly engaged teachers, our clever students, and much more.

    Throughout the website you will find important information about the school, the latest news, and upcoming events, along with a description of the amazing projects and results accomplished by our teachers and their students.


    We are of course also tremendously excited to share the big news: the upcoming move to the new campus on Rolighedsvej. The move marks an important step in the school’s history, where all our students will once again be gathered under the same spacious roof of our new cutting-edge school, designed for the well-being of the students.


    Whether you are a parent seeking the best education for your child, a student curious to see what the new campus has to offer, or you are already a part of our school community, we hope that the website will provide the information you need, while also offering a good impression of our school.


    Thank you for taking a moment to visit our website. I encourage you to discover everything the school has to offer, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


    We are here for you and ready to assist you throughout your child’s education.


    Welcome to Prins Henrik School in Copenhagen. We look forward to sharing this new school adventure with you.


    You have my deepest gratitude and unwavering commitment,


    Michaël MOCKA


    Prins Henrik School

    New School Project

    Progress on the construction side

    Progress of the construction and photos the latest status is from September 2023

    Background of the project

    Newsletter no 2, Newsletter no 2 in English

    Newsletter no 1, Newsletter no 1 in English, janvier 2022

    Prins Henrik School Starts a New Chapter in Frederiksberg, June 2021

    The New French school: Building as Tall as our Ambitions, May 2021

    New School Construction Status Report, June 2020

    Update from the Prins Henrik School Equity Fund, November 2020
    Overview of the Building Project, archives

    Inauguration of Prince Henrik School in the presence of HM Queen Margrethe II, February 7th 2024
    We are delighted to inform you that the official inauguration of our school is scheduled for Wednesday February 7, in the presence of H.M. Queen Margrethe II. This ceremony will mark an exceptional moment in the history of our school, and we are honored to welcome our official guests to celebrate together the creation of this place dedicated to knowledge and culture.
    The programme of the event
    Photo: Emil Phu Gregersen, Line Fjord

    Video of our inauguration February 7th 2024, Emil Phu Gregersen

    Video of our ianauguration February 7th 2024, Line Fjord

    Video of our groundbreaking ceremony September 27th 2021 (Produced by Marianne Singer and Hanne Juul)
    Pictures of the groundbreaking ceremony for the new school building project the 27th September 2021. Photo: Tanguy Pégné

    School System

    The French school system compared to the Danish school system.