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    Posted September 25, 2023

    Nathalie Wahl, Fabien Pazuki, and Adrien Morin, research mathematicians at the University of Copenhagen will present the topics our green researchers on will work on.

    Thursday, September 28th, from 4pm to 5pm in room V301.

    The meeting is open to everyone, students and adults alike, basically anyone who is curious about the workshop is welcome to attend the first meeting.
    MeJ is a French association, in its 34th year, originally started by research mathematicians at the university: MATh.en.JEANS.

    The workshop is connected to topics presented by the French-speaking researchers at the University of Copenhagen. These are creative, intentionally open themes where students take on the role of researchers. Maëlle Durey and myself lead the workshop, but it is the students who decide which tools they need to solve the problems. The researchers come regularly to see if progress is being made and to reinvigorate the topic, if needed. We go abroad or to France, to meet with the other workshops, to exchange ideas, and present our work with like-minded people.

    Maëlle Durey and Evelyne Royer

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