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    Posted April 9, 2024

    This year’s Reading Week was marked by the visit of author-illustrator Michel Van Zeveren to the maternelle, 1st grade and 2nd. It was an opportunity for our students to talk to the author about his work as a writer and illustrator, and to show what they had prepared in advance with their teachers.
    The author taught us that his stories are often born of his drawings and his personal life, as we could see from his albums “Et pourquoi?” (And why?) and “Trois courageux petits gorilles”, (Three courageous little gorillas) among others.
    He organized drawing workshops and read aloud some of his albums, in particular his latest, “Dans le nez de la sorcière”, (In the nose of the witch) due out in September, much to the delight of the pupils. 
    To round off the week, the author took part in a book signing at the Library, where many pupils and parents were waiting for him!

    Goodbye Michel, and thank you to all the teachers and their students for having contributed to this wonderful encounter!