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    Posted March 11, 2024

    News from our young scientists in Norway! The fourth and final day was once again rich in discoveries and observations… A beautiful drive through the fjords took us to one of the sites of the EISCAT Scientific international association, which carries out atmospheric and ionospheric measurements using radars located at 4 different sites above the Arctic Circle. The engineer in charge of the installations gave us a presentation of the different studies carried out by EISCAT, such as the interaction between the Sun and the different layers of the atmosphere, and research into plasma physics and geophysics.

    We were able to visit the facilities and radars. One of the association’s prospects is the gradual replacement of current radars by three-dimensional radars, which will soon be operational. Back in Tromsø, a stroll through the town took us to the Polarmuseet, which shows the history of the town, its expeditions and its great polar explorers. The day ended with a night out in the forest under clear skies…We saw beautiful polar auroras.

    As the scientific trip drew was ending, we left with some wonderful memories and a suitcase full of muons… Next objective for this year: the C’Genial competition, in which we are taking part.