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    Posted February 28, 2024

    All students in 1ère took part in the “Mapping Controversies – COS 2024” project. For the second year in a row, this project brought together high school students from French schools in Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. However, the project has been rolling out in France and in AEFE lycées for several years.

    In fact, the Prins Henrik School is one of the pilot schools, having joined the scheme since 2018.

    This year’s controversy concerned the participation of hyperandrogenic athletes in high-level sporting competitions, particularly at the Olympic Games. Issues of fairness in women’s sporting competitions and the consequences of regulations put in place by international federations were at the heart of the debates.

    It was necessary to focus on different aspects of the controversy, such as :

    Legislative and sports regulation issues
    Biological issues
    Political and ideological issues

    The students carried out simulated debates, taking on the role of a major player in the controversy, such as scientists, sports doctors and heads of sports organizations like the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

    The Copenhagen students were able to exchange views with their Scandinavian counterparts on several occasions to prepare for their roles, and they also developed their ability to argue and express themselves in public, while dealing with a subject at the heart of current affairs.